Help help Help lost Sabre...sort of

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Help help Help lost Sabre...sort of

Post by Punjanaman » Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:43 pm

Hi All ,
i'm new to the forum and i am hoping someone in the owners club can help.
Ok goes ...I've been looking for an SS1 or Sabre for years but through a variety of lack of funds and lots of cars to choose, or having the money but no cars to choose i have been unable to get a car ...until about 3 weeks ago . At the start of July a Sabre appeared on Car and Classic, it was a dark blue example and in Northern Ireland. As i'm in Belfast and the car was well in my budget i nearly fell of my seat when i saw it ... So i grabbed the phone and rang the number ... that's when things started going wrong .. the phone number provided in the ad " is not recognised, please hang up and try again" ... ok no problem there's an e-mail address so i send an e-mail to the owner explaining my interest and telling him the contact phone number isn't working ...i supply my phone number and sit back and wait ... my e-mail bings and i get the message "e-mail undeliverable" !!!!
No problem i contact the Car and Classic website and tell them all the above & tell them i REALLY want to see the car and can they contact the owner and pass my details to him..and i sit back and wait ... Then Car and Classic tell me not only can they also not contact the owner but as the ad does not have a correct phone number it breaches their rules and they pull the ad !!!!
Oh dear !!! Ok ...I'M NOT REQUESTING THE OWNERS CONTACT DETAILS !!!! I'm sure you wouldn't give them even if i asked but does ANYONE know of a Sabre owner in Northern Ireland ( the ad said Lisburn) who is selling ( or attempting to sell) his car it was a dark blue car and i was so excited i forgot to notice any other details other than the ad said it needed some paintwork . If so can you make him aware that the numpty who got his ad pulled from Car and Classic is a genuinely interested guy and would love to view the car .....OR IF THERE'S ANYONE IN IRELAND ( NORTH OR SOUTH) OR SCOTLAND WHO IS SELLING A SS1 OR SABRE I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT ..I know there's a really nice car close to Edinburgh for £2500 but by the time i get there and the ferry back home it's a £3000 car and over my VERY tight budget ..



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