SE6A Man OD prop length, anyone got measurments?

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SE6A Man OD prop length, anyone got measurments?

Post by surfer91919 » Tue Sep 29, 2020 12:30 pm

My SE6A already had a once piece open UJ prop. I changed the UJs but found that the yokes themselves were worn and had been bodged in the past by adding weld etc. I'm getting a local driveshaft specialist to repair the prop/ replace a yoke as replacing the one bad yoke and rebalancing looks considerably cheaper than making a whole new prop (£150 vs £300).
The trouble is I suspect the prop the car came with is borderline too long. It looks like a replacement and not the original as it has a swaged tube (unneccesary) and the balance plates are numerous , scrappy and mig welded on whereas another original prop I have has neat spot welded balance plates. When I removed it I was surprised that I had to push it hard into the O/D and even then it didn't just drop off the diff pinion flange- so there's very little available slack in on the OD output splines.

Im currently in the middle of changing the rear wheel bearings on my car so getting a midway suspension travel measurment from OD seal to diff pinion will not be straightforward.

As such I was wondering if those of you who have been through this too with your SE6A man OD cars would please share the measurments which worked for you?

I found this on one thread from Nigel Clark but would like to check against others.
"To ensure the correct length, they required a measurement of the distance from the front of the pinion flange on the axle to the face of the oil seal on the back of the overdrive. This has to be measured with the weight of the car supported on the axle, so the suspension is roughly at the mid-point of its travel. At either extreme of suspension movement, the distance is slightly longer due the arc the axle travels on the radius arms.

This measurement on my car is 1,063mm. I assume this is standard as my SE6A hasn't been modified - I doubt the engine and box have ever been removed during its life.

Davemac allowed 15mm of the prop collar into the back of the overdrive to protrude, so the length of my new prop measured from the U/J yoke shoulder at the overdrive end to the face of the pinion flange is 1,063-15 = 1,048mm. You have measured the same dimension on your prop at at 1.054mm, 6mm longer than mine. I hope these measurements help, my new prop works fine."

I guess if worst comes to worse I could lower my car off my two post lift onto axle stands at the rear to try to get a measurment. Surely they will all be the same though?
thanks in advance.

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SE6A Man OD prop length, anyone got measurments?

Post by Oldconn » Tue Sep 29, 2020 1:35 pm

I didn't pay anything like £300 for a new prop, seven years ago. Suggest you Google for another supplier, You should get one for about £120-£130.

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SE6A Man OD prop length, anyone got measurments?

Post by justfur » Tue Sep 29, 2020 11:17 pm

Dunning and Fairbanks came it at less than £150 inc shipping.


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SE6A Man OD prop length, anyone got measurments?

Post by surfer91919 » Wed Sep 30, 2020 9:58 am

Thanks for the replies guys.
I phoned the place I took my prop to in Bridgend, driveshaft services ltd and they have said it'll be £81.60 inc VAT to rebuild and balance so pretty good. This is using the rear section of an old se6a auto prop i had lying around.
I checked the measurment with my car in the air and it came in at 1068mm from seal lip to pinion face so basically the same as Nigels- with the suspension compressed the distance will reduce to what nigel measured at 1063mm.
Picking the prop up friday. Will take a tape measure with me to make damn sure it's the right length before I leave lol.

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