fitting flex plate/drive plate and torque converter

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fitting flex plate/drive plate and torque converter

Post by Pogle » Wed Aug 26, 2020 11:08 pm

Evening Folks

The bell housing is off and the pump opened up, there was damage to the centre gear both sides, so it was best to check it. I have struggled to find a new pair of gears and the parts needed to repair it but have got them on the way from Norfolk. JP Auto Transmissions had no parts for the C3 gearbox only seals and gaskets. I light of the fact that I tested the gearbox before the engine failure I am not going to strip it any further, it worked properly before this episode and given how difficult it seems to get parts I will be happy to re-assemble the pump with the replacement parts new seals and bushes and fit it properly to the engine. The chap at Norfolk Transmissions, advised me to use the torque converter to ensure the centre gear was correctly inserted and build the pump around it because I do not have the special tool for this purpose. The gear was not broken but damaged and it would not fit on the torque converter I have posted a photo - hopefully things will go back together smoothly once the parts arrive.

As per usual thanks for all the advice and if anyone has anything else to add please don`t be shy, any advice is welcomed.


crush damage to the oil pump centre gear
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fitting flex plate/drive plate and torque converter

Post by Coupe Racing » Thu Aug 27, 2020 4:16 am

Peace of mind for you.
Glad you checked it out

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fitting flex plate/drive plate and torque converter

Post by Pogle » Thu Sep 10, 2020 9:50 pm

Hello Folks

I have been busy trying to sort out my gearbox oil pump and refitting it. I got all the parts seals and gaskets etc from Norfolk Automatics who have been very helpful as no where else had the parts.

Anyway I have rebuilt the gearbox.

I was going to fit a replacement Torque converter saw one on Ebay allegedly from a 3.0 Essex but it has eight welds around the base of the hub does this mean it is a 2.0lt converter? Maybe been fitted in a 3.0 engine?

I am hoping someone with more knowledge than me can put me straight, identifying torque converters is not easy I have found having checked many catalogues and data sheets I have attached a photo of the converter.

My old one does not have any of these weld spots.
Anyone know why this has 8 weld spots on it? Supposed to be a 3.0 converter or is it a 2.0
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fitting flex plate/drive plate and torque converter

Post by philhoward » Thu Sep 10, 2020 10:08 pm

I do recall when refurbished they have to drill holes to fully drain them for cleaning then weld them back up as it’s virtually impossible to split then the reverse way they’re built?

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fitting flex plate/drive plate and torque converter

Post by gtcse8 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 10:27 pm

Is that for sale by the Rattle can engineers based in RM11 ?.
Who also work out of Hornchurch ( athorn )
And Basildon, ( snowyv8petrol )

By their own admission the units are not Flushed and tested, they just "cleaned and painted" then stored in the attic wtf? :w
Pogle PM sent

Phil if you look closely those welds are Old, so I suppose it "could" have been refurbed years ago.
There was a company in Keighley who specialised in converters and they split the units by turning the original welds off from the outside "Clam Shells" then after thoroughly cleaning out the interior they welded them back together and re balanced them.

I have a few converters, ALL from either GTE or GTC, all were in FULL running condition when removed.

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