'72 Se5a

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'72 Se5a

Post by Scim8tar » Sat Sep 19, 2020 3:19 pm

To strip the lock you need to remove the pin that holds the cam bar in place, this allows you to pull the mechanism out, then knock out the brass pin (allan key to show pin location) then slide the barrel out, the small locking bar can be seen on the right of the photo (that one is rounded off so scrap).
Note, you don't need to remove the circlip & spring.
The key number is on the side of the barrel, it is an FS key, i used a guy on ebay who cut to number from silca blanks (right of pic) but found a new seller now that cuts from JMA blanks (on the left) he also stamps the key number on like the originals £3.85 inc post
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