Last of the Summer (french) Wine

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Last of the Summer (french) Wine

Post by DARK STAR » Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:30 pm

As far as I can see, Ian has not posted this event so I'll do it for him :lol:

Last of the Summer Wine
Ian Lambert

Sunday 14th. October was a balmy Autumn day with leaves beginning to fall, so we made our last outing for 2018 in the Haute-Saone. The venue was the most relaxed,friendly meeting of the year (just like last year), at the home of fellow club members Philippe Stentamas and Christine , at their little chateau at Raincourt, which is just inside the Vosges, about 25 miles away from us. Our club -ARTS 70 - made up 25 of the hundred -or-so people who gathered for the annual vide-garage and communal lunch . As usual my SE6a "Candy" was the only Reliant present, and justified her place amidst this exceptionally high-quality gathering. Christian (don't know his surname) arrived from Baume-les-Dames in his unique Swiss-built Traction Avant Prototype , a two-seat racer built before the war by the craftsmen at Hertsogenbushen. The quality of the fabrication and finish on this machine is famed throughout Europe and North Africa. Philippe's own TWR Jaguar XJS 5-litre monster, with his recently rebuilt engine sat next to it; An American Car Club from the Vosges brought the "big muscles"; there was the best replica Ferrari 250 GTO I have ever seen; Two immaculate Triumph Spitfires; an Alpine coupé; several Renaults and Peugeots,of course; and a handful of motorbikes, some of them vintage, and one Ducatti Desmo . We were also allowed to visit Philippe's 'man cave' and ogle at his superb engineering skills. Finally, there was a Paella which seemed to feed everybody present, and-naturally- plenty of wine. We drove home at sunset feeling well rewarded, and ready to face the Winter.
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