The RSSOC is considering holding the International Rally in Suffolk 24 to 26 June 2022.

It is intended to run the event in the traditional manner, i.e. arrive at the selected hotel on Friday afternoon followed by an informal Meet and Greet with buffet in the evening.

Saturday, the tulip style rally to a place of interest with questions to answer en-route. A list of suitable venues will be supplied where food, drink, toilet facilities and fuel are available.

Saturday evening the usual gala dinner in a private room at the hotel.

Sunday, a run to a venue of interest followed by lunch.

The proposed hotel is only 30 miles from the Port of Harwich. Hopefully, this will give our friends from Europe a good opportunity to join us.

There will be options to extend your visit both before and after the weekend to further enjoy what Suffolk has to offer.

Provisional costs are expected to be around £475.00 per couple with options for single occupancy.

For those wishing to reduce costs further, there is a caravan/campsite with excellent facilities approximately 8 miles from the hotel.

Please confirm your interest by emailing the following information to John & Maggie Lawes at:


Membership number




Telephone number (mobile preferred)

email address

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