The Club has Registrars for each of the model ranges. Some of these Registrars have their own websites and databases dedicated to the model for which they act as Registrar.

The following links are to PDF and MSWord versions of a generic form for providing information to the Registrars:

Registrar Form Generic (MS Word doc)

Registrar Form Generic (PDF)

The SE6 Registrar wishes to collect some additional information and has provided a form specifically for the SE6 series cars: SE6-Series Registration Form (PDF) 

Future plans for this site include pages for each of the registrars and online forms to register vehicles with them. For the time being the links below will take you to the registrar's personal sites.


icon_Sabre Sabre Registrar  Tony and Jaki Heath email Website
icon_GT GT Coupe Registrar  Matt Greenly email Website
icon_SE5 GTE SE5/5a Registrar Dave Speed email  
icon_SE6 GTE SE6/6a/6b Registrar Graeme Conway email  
icon_GTC GTC SE8 Registrar Guy Betts email   
icon_SS1 SS1/SST/Scimitar Sabre Registrar Mike Littleton email   
icon_Middlebridge Middlebridge GTE Registrar Will Anderson email Website
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