Newcastle Noggin

The Newcastle Noggin normally meets at The Three Horseshoes, High Horton, Northumberland, NE24 4HF

The normal meeting day is the 3rd Wednesday of each month and normally starts at 7 pm (1900)

Peter Freeman is the Noggin Secretary who can be contacted at or 01670 713271

See the UK Noggins List page for details

I think we all would like to forget 2020 ever started; it would have been nice to spend the year in hibernation.

I joined the RSSOC in 1983 when I bought an SE6a. We had it for over 27 years, but after about 4 years of head gasket failures I fitted a Rover V8, which is what, in my opinion, the car should have been fitted with from the start.

Ian Boyle was the Noggin Secretary when I first attended and I made the mistake of going to the loo when a new Sec was voted in and I have been doing it since. Ian is still with us and having retired has just about got his GTC back on the road after many years of it sitting in his garden. He had a V8 SE5a when I joined.

Alan has worked out the Noggin dates till the end of the year, starting with the 22 September and then reverting to our third Wednesday routine at the Three Horse Shoes, which is under new management and has been refurbished, so we will once again be in our 'home' meeting place. Meeting time is still 7pm (1900) and we have booked a table up to December.

Last night Alyn came with John for a short while  before they went off for a beer tasting expedition.

Noggin dates are 22 September, 20 October, 17 November and 15 December, so make a note in your diaries.