Club Concours Introduction

The Concours competition section of the RSSOC is a relatively small, but it is an important part of the Club's activities as it can showcase the best Sabre, Scimitar and Small Sports models owned by members of the Club.

You will be amazed how you can transform your classic Scimitar or Sabre into a show standard car for minimal cost and just a little of your time and effort, giving many rewards. Not only can you increase the value of your car, since it is now of show standard and not just another Scimitar, but you may well find that you get bitten by the bug and get a real buzz from the competitiveness of Concours events. You will make many more friends, both fellow competitors and other members, and the general public will also appreciate the high standard you have achieved by your efforts.

Club Concours competitions are jointly coordinated by Keith Painter, a previous Concours winner, and Richard March, a professional detailer; see the Club Contacts page for contact details for the Concours Coordinators.

The Concours competition is open to all Club members and points are given for condition, presentation and originality of the exterior and interior of your car, including the engine bay, underside of the bonnet and the wheels and wheel arches, which are all judged as they have a major impact on the look of the car. Wheel nuts/wheel nut caps and brake drums should also be clean and tidy. The underside of the car is not judged.

To encourage attention to detail of the whole car, as well as concentrating on those items listed on the score sheet, the judges will choose a 'wildcard' item to check on the day before judging commences, which will be something that is not listed already on the score sheet.

Entry is free and there is no need to pre-book. It is best to arrive at an event early, allowing time to finish preparing your car for the show. Park in the Concours area then make yourself known to the organiser and collect a score sheet to fill in your details before judging starts (usually 1100).

For more information see the Club Calendar page for locations and dates of Concours events.

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