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Overseas Noggins

The Club has representatives in many countries; you may wish to contact the following:

Country/Area:     BELGIUM, BRUGES

Local Rep:     Alain Mervilde

email:     [email protected]

Country/Area:     DENMARK

Local Rep:     Steffen Hansen

email:     [email protected]

phone:     +45 75816286

mobile:    +45 42163018

Country/Area:     FRANCE

Local Rep:     Chris Johnson

email:     [email protected]

phone:     +33 (0) 676 912 659


Country/Area:     NEW ZEALAND

Local Rep:     Paul Elwood  or  Mark Fraser

email:     [email protected]  or  [email protected]

phone:   (Mark) +64 272802073

Country/Area:     SWITZERLAND

Local Rep:     Bruno Meier

email:     [email protected]

phone:    (0041) 178 44451

Country/Area:     THE NETHERLANDS

Local Rep:     Erik Hofman

email:     [email protected]

phone:    +31 6 54674389