18-24 SEPTEMBER 2022

(or a bunch of mates travelling the same roads at the same time)

All the participants in last year's North Coast 500 voted it a great trip and the sentiment was what next? Answer a tour based on the Wales Snowdonia 360.

As before, it is proposed that this is not a formal RSSOC event but rather a gathering of people and cars driving over the same route, or variations of it.

A schedule will be included in Slice 303.

Arrival day in Oswestry is Saturday 17 September 2022 and the last driving day Saturday 24 September 2022.

Oswestry has been chosen as the start/finish point for its easy accessibility from North, East and South.

It is the responsibility of participants to arrange their own accommodation to suite their tastes and budget.

A major consideration is to allow for as wide a choice of stops/visits/activities as possible. The thought being that everyone will have a different view of the balance between pleasurably buzzing along scenic roads in a fine car and stopping to see interesting things, indulge in fun activities, or simply having a relaxing holiday on the other.

The itinerary in Slice 303 will give an outline of each day's core route, each day's meeting point and the locality of the overnight stop. Multiple suggestions for stops and activities are available to download from

Group cohesion is maintained by starting each day at a planned time and place plus opportunities for socialising in the evenings (COVID permitting). Communication would be facilitated by setting up a WhatsApp group.

If you think you might like to join in for some, or all of the time please email:

Also please confirm that you have no objection to your name and eail address being shared with other enquirers/participants.

Marilyn and I will definitely be doing the trip and we hope it will be of interest to others.

Get booking and we'll see you there!

Mike & Marilyn Giddens

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