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Newcastle Noggin

The Newcastle Noggin normally meets at The Three Horseshoes, High Horton, Northumberland, NE24 4HF

The normal meeting day is the 3rd Wednesday of each month and normally starts at 7 pm (1900)

Peter Freeman is the Noggin Secretary who can be contacted at [email protected] or 01670 713271

See the UK Noggins List page for details

Welcome to the Newcastle Noggin

We still have a Noggin meet on the 3rd Wednesday but have moved around a bit so best call me on 01670713271 for details of where each Noggin meeting will be held.

I joined the RSSOC in 1983 when I bought an SE6a. We had it for over 27 years, but after about 4 years of head gasket failures I fitted a Rover V8, which is what, in my opinion, the car should have been fitted with from the start.

Ian Boyle was the Noggin Secretary when I first attended and I made the mistake of going to the loo when a new Sec was voted in and I have been doing it since. Ian is still with us and having retired has just about got his GTC back on the road after many years of it sitting in his garden. He had a V8 SE5a when I joined.

The Newcastle Noggin attend the shows arranged by the NECPWA is North of England Classics and Pre War Automobiles (NECPWA) plus others, but the full list will not be available until the end of March. In red below are the two BIG shows. Newby Hall is the largest show in the North of England and only pre-1970 cars were allowed last year. Beamish is the largest show in the NE and entry is free if showing a car, but you need a NECPWA show pass to attend, which costs £2 for none members (may go up this year).

Also see NE Noggins and the NE Noggins Technical section.

Please see the photos of and brief notes on members cars below (although most of them have wives who may dispute ownership of the cars).


This listing will be updated frequently so please check regularly

Events and shows that are shown on the RSSOC Events Calendar are not generally repeated on Noggin News pages

11 and 12 June – Durham Regatta for classic cars

19 July – Woodhorn Museum

17 July – Newby Hall

21 August – Newbiggin Maritime Centre

04 September – Tynemouth Priory

25 September – Beamish Museum

Also see the RSSOC Calendar page and the UK Noggins page.

Peter still has the four cars, all with power assisted steering, although the Coupé doesn’t really need it unless fitting a smaller steering wheel. Total mileage is about 800,000 but don’t really know what the Coupé has done (could be 300,000).

Alan no longer sprints, but has increased the power output of his engine – 239bhp was obviously not enough!

Ernie has had his SE6a a very long time and is heavily involved with the NECPWA.

Ian’s GTC is now roadworthy, but he is probably waiting for it to be 40 years old before using it on public roads again (he also has a Renault Alpine and a 4 Litre Jaguar to play with).

John has recently had his GTC re-sprayed (not that from this photo it looked like it needed it).

Roger, like Ian, has more than a normal engine in his GTE – plus he has an Aston Martin Vantage, a Lotus Elan Plus 2, a Mini (and an electric BMW).