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Leicestershire/Warwickshire Noggin

The Leicestershire/Warwickshire Noggin normally meets at the Harborough Sports Classic & Vintage Vehicle Meeting at the Market Harborough Innovation Centre, Leicester Road, Market Harborough, LE16 7WB

The normal meeting day is the 3rd Sunday of each month between 9am (0900) and 2pm (1400)

For further details see:

Entry to the meeting is £3 (to charity). Note that there is no shelter in the event of bad weather.

Andy Faulkner is the Noggin Secretary who can be contacted at [email protected]

See the UK Noggins List page for details

Welcome to the Leicestershire/Warwickshire Noggin

Our Noggin members own a wide variety of cars including SS1, Coupe, GTE and a Scimitar based kit car. Vehicle conditions range from good to 'everyday' so don't worry if your car isn't spotless; we like to see them used.

Now that we are emerging from restrictions we have combined the Warwickshire Noggin with the Leicestershire Noggin and you are welcome to come along and join us on the third Sunday of the month at the Harborough Sports Classic & Vintage Vehicle Meeting at the Market Harborough Innovation Centre, Leicester Road, Market Harborough, LE16 7WB

Hope to see you at our third Sunday of the month meeting or at one of the events below whenever you can manage it.


This listing will be updated frequently so please check regularly

Events and shows that are shown on the RSSOC Events Calendar are not generally repeated on Noggin News pages

22 June - Longest Day Evening Run; a 40-mile run starting and finishing at Stonehurst Farm.

10 July, Sunday (1000 to 1600) - Market Harborough Classic Car Show. Contact me if you want to go so we can group the cars together on the day. NB. According to the booking form, a valid MOT is required but I am told this does not apply if your car is exempt.

04 September, the 8th Annual Rainbows Run; approximately 70-miles starting at Stonehurst Farm.

All money raised from the above events will be donated to Rainbows Children's Hospice.

Also see the RSSOC Calendar page and the UK Noggins page.

Andy F. SE6a 1977. Owned by the noggin secretary Andy since 1979 it has covered a lot of miles and is showing it's age but it is still a lot of fun and is part of the family.

Ben F. SE5a 1975. Purchased 2010 for not much money so no surprise that a lot of work was required under the shiny paintwork. Now running well and being enjoyed.

Steve D. Coupé 1968 3 litre. In daily use, modified with gas flowed heads, uprated carburettor, Kent fast road cam and dual circuit brakes. Will be restored when the SE5 is finished.

Steve D. SE5 1971. Currently off the road for chassis and suspension refurbishment. Engine has gas flowed heads, better carb and fast road cam. Axle already fitted with limited slip diff. Will be re-piped for twin circuit brakes.