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ScimFest 2022

Post date: 2022-04-12

The information pages, booking form and location can be viewed at ScimFest @ Curborough 2022

The RSSOC Curborough Sprint information page can be viewed at RSSOC Sprint 2022 Registration and Entry

Club Merchandise

Post date: 2021-04-12

TheRSSOC Shop is now open for sales of all stock items, but orders will only be dispatched weekly.

FBHVC Press Release

Post date: 2021-12-15

See the annnouncements on theFBHVC News page.

Footman James Insurance News

Post date: 2021-10-27

See the annnouncement on theFootman James page.


Post date: 2021-08-27

See theRSSOC International 2022 page for more information.

Noggin Meetings

Post date: 2022-04-12

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) rules and restrictions are being set by the governments of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and the Welsh Assembly, and by local or regional authorities as and when required. Relaxations of the rules will be different in the countries of the UK – see the below to work out what will apply in your area.

Use the links below to see what applies in your area.

Coronavirus regulations and restrictions have been largely removed, but caution and wearing of face masks on public transport and indoor areas is still recommended.

Noggin meetings, gatherings, drives-outs, shows, etc. can now take place, but although most legal restrictions have been lifted and many people have been vaccinated, it is still possible to catch and spread COVID-19, even if fully vaccinated, so caution, distancing and wearing of masks indoors is still recommended, plus local requirements of each venue will need to be followed.

Local Noggin groups should only hold meetings, gatherings, drives-outs, etc. in line with the latest guidance from Governments/Assembly or any local or regional restrictions in force at the time.

It is important for everyone to keep up to date with and understand all regulations and guidance in force in their area at all times.

In addition to Government guidance, the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) has issued guidance on their website, which can be viewed at

The rules now vary on a regional basis - see below to work out what applies to your area:

The best way to keep up to date with your own area is via the Government link:

England: (useful as it enables input your own postcode)



Northern Ireland:

ScimitarWeb Updates

Changes are being made to ScimitarWeb and users may see transient and permanent changes to the Homepage and other pages as we work through ideas and listen to constructive feedback.

The RSSOC Club name in the header bar and the RSSOC Car Logo at the foot of most pages are links to ScimitarWeb Home page; click or touch the Club name or the RSSOC Car Logo to return to the Home page.

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