The Trunion




After part dismantling the front suspension, the kerbside trunion proved to be a little worse for wear and after a days grunting with Plus Gas and lots of umph, all I had to show was a single nut, a black eye and bent glasses.

More time was thrown at this and I had three headless bolts from the shock mounting plate, sore hands, mangled brake calliper mounting bolts and a sick 'waste of time' feeling.

Another Saturday morning was thrown at this and I decided not to grind off the bolt head but to re-tighten the trunion bolt and leave it for the moment because as far as I can see there is no way the trunion will unscrew with the brake disk there and I cannot get that off with the calliper on. The trunion thread is no longer seized and is not as 'loose' as I first thought but I am concerned about the bushes rotating properly.

After reading an excellent article in RSSOM I have attacked my new trunion with a file and left a small relief where the grease can travel up and out of the trunion so lubricating the main bearing surfaces

The article said just a few thou' - that's what I did.

Finally a little success with the ol' trunion. A recent aquisition to my toolkit AKA a set of AF 6 point sockets was applied to the caliper bolts and after a whack with the hammer (my main modus operandus) the mangled bolts came loose! The rest is plain sailing - I hope.

I can seriously recommend to all restorers - a quality set of hex sockets - as oppsed to bi-hex or 12 point ones.