Steering Column Bushes - Easy Peasy


This Looks like one of those 'real swine' jobs but in fact turns out quite easy.

Replacing these bushes may not seem that important but they are a MOT failure point and stop that nasty shudder as you spin the steering quickly. Also a grotesque clunk can occur when trying to wear flats on the tyres, as the universal lifts in the engine bay - not nice.


Here are my home made bushes, turned from UPVC bar 1" OD and 3/4" ID just under 1/2" long.
There is a small lip on the (lower) engine bay one for some reason, you can see it in the picture.
An original one is on the left here too. As you can see it is a double skinned affair, real poor and breaks up too easily to my mind.
Maybe it's supposed to?

The gap is full of grease


Fitting is easier than it looks

First remove the crash pad on the steering wheel, gently because it will rip.

Then loosen the wheel nut and nearly remove it. Now try to waggle the steering wheel off. I had to take the bolt out of the top universal, working in the engine bay, then take up the slack by pulling the wheel a little, then smack the top column nut sharply with a blunt object.

Remove said universal bolt if not out, then take the shroud off the ignition switch. loosen the clamping screw holding the indicator switch assy. and pull free disconnecting at the 'cable' connectors if necessary.

Use the ignition key to release the steering lock and the column inner will pull through the outer conveniently knocking out the upper bush with the lock striker.
Equally conveniently turn the steering column over and insert it upside down to knock out the lower bush.

Gently clean any rusting in the lower area of the inner column with some emery, clean up and replace. Grease well your new bushes with some waterproof grease and refit the bushes over your column top and bottom and knock them firmly into their recesses.

Check carefully the operation of your new assembly, after all - your life may depend upon it and refit all removed components, taking care with the security of both the wheel nut and the universal bolts.

Next, take a long careful look at your work as I take no responsibility for your safety.