The Springs


After a nasty incident involving a rock, a rough track and my middle exhaust box I decided to take the advice the local Noggins had already told me ad-nausium. It's too low, get some new springs on there (Uprated ones). Of course they were right but like all jobs on cars, what starts out small just grows and grows.

Here's the front spax, I had to grind the nut off the bottom bolt on one, the one with the collapsed bush. Good job I had a go at that now because the inner bush tube was through but the damper eyelet was ok. All over a bit grubby and rusty but quite serviceable and still adjustable.


Unlike these boys, What a mess.

    Here is the Crushinator (Chris's term). Created by the local Noggin Secretary and modified by it's last victim with a mig. It's actually quite safe and easy to use.

Here they are looking a little better now. Sand blasted all the rot off and gave them a liberal coating of epoxy resin.

It's a strange resin that never seems to completely dry, courtesy of the works skip.


Not sure about this but it's done now.

I reckon I have missed my calling, I should be living on a barge boat, painting buckets, flower pots and watering cans red.

Note the hopefull collection of washers and coach bolts ready to press the new bushes into service.

Should have a career on the stage with humour like that.


After a trip to the Noggins meet I came away with a set of nice new dog chews believed to be for a SE5 that I found would probably fit over the eyelets fine but would 'no way' go in.

A sad (and fuzzy) depiction of hope.

CONTINUED (more beating about the bush)