2.8 front crank seal replacement.

Remove the front pully and use it as a template for your pulley puller. I had this disc to hand but a piece of flat bar will do just as well.

My rachet ring spanner was ideal as it made unscrewing the pully bolt easy - as the bolt unscrews it pulls the pully off.

This ancient tool bought in the early 70's pulled the original seal out no problem.

Fitting the new seal can be a problem as there is nothing to stop you pushing it in too far and it ending up inside the timing cover.

You can see where the original seal was though by the bright ring it left behind.

Find a bit of tube - I was fortunate to have a length of Stainless tube the right diameter - and cut a piece off to position the seal in the correct place.

Now refit the pulley to the crankshaft and the tube will position the seal where it should be.

Remove the pully again and remove the tube - job done now you can refit the pullys and the belts.