The Lights



The outer headlights had gone the way of most QI units, rotten and replaced with new QI lenses and bulbs. The back cups on the inner smaller units were rotten to the core but the wonderful sealed beams were still as shiny as new.

New plastic inners were sourced and fitted easily apart from the devious connectors. I thought I could get away with cleaning up the outer cups and fitting new retaining rings but they were too rotten to hold the lenses properly so on the fabled trip for the choke cable I spied more goodies from a poor old Landy with new plastic headlamp units and they were soon mine.

And here they are


I reconditioned them somewhat at my leisure and some of that equaly fabled resin was pressed into service on the chrome rims to prevent the march of rot. I replaced various lenses on indicators and fog lights and will soon fit my new outer shells. I also got the outer sealed beams from Landy, when my new QI lenses rot, old technology will prevail.

Now where is that Citroen BX?