Those lamp sockets


Whilst working on the rear fog lights I managed to disturb an indicator socket and had to fix 'yet' another one of those electro mechanical implementations of humour.


Clean up' where you are going to solder with a little abrasive then solder a little wrap round (in tastefull red here) wire from the edge contact to the metal spring plate that holds the socket in. How these two are supposed to keep in contact for more than a couple of weeks without this is beyond me - the ones I have done like this have been ok for near a year now.  

I have since learned a further fine tip from the list. Instead of soldering just to the outer ring and relying upon the spring connection to the light unit metalic substance - make the wire long, pass it to the interior of the car and to a conncetor and make up a little earthing loom and ground it, so cutting out the horrid metalish light unit altogether in the electrical sense.