The Hatch - Drain holes


If you find water leaking in the car there is more than an even chance it will be because the rear hatch drain holes are blocked.

This will be for the simple reason, they are made from steel (eh?), yup they made them from steel and they rust into nothingness, damage the fibreglass, the hoses fall off and the holes block resulting in wetness in the boot area and even water running up the boot and ending up in the rear seat well.

And here is the solution.






Cut yourself some 50mm (2") - 10mm copper pipe chunks and splay the ends out a little.





A blunt drill may be the solution you are after here, but some pressure is required. this is how I did it.

This would be a 'centre' drill (I think) run quite slowly and with lots of pressure, the end result is exactly what you would not want to happen in an engineering sense, the metal distorts into a funnel shape - just right.






Drill out most of the old drain channel with a slightly undersize drill and then knock the remains out with a small hammer and punch.





Glue the new drain in with some resin (or Araldite). Let it cure for a day or two then fit the internal pipe for that 'job well done' instant low cost gratification feeling.