The Automatic Choke


Even though the auto choke works reasonably effectively, now that winter is here I find it slow. Not only is this probably wasteful in terms of fuel but it also makes 'warm up' driving quite lumpy when the choke is on but the engine is past that 'realy' cold stage.

When I bought my second hand centre exhausts and long pipes the chap kindly threw in a 40DCOE with K&N pancake fitted and a manual choke mechanism. A trip to the local friendly dismantlers yielded a lovely choke cable from some Nissan Urvan and I will soon fit this and the mechanism to the beast.

Here they are together


Note the nifty little stainless clip to hold the cable to the mechanism, the original was too small. Beat it from a little plain sheet.

A few pictures of the 40DGAS autochoke mech' this came from -

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