The New Bushes arrived as promised but they are worse to fit than the blue ones I allready have and I roundly failed to do that thing.

Here they are, and even with the specially constructed thinger I got a chap to make for me I could not get them in.

And here it is. I can say without a doubt this got the blue bushes in.

And this is how. Press the bush in the thinger,

Then use just about anything you can to crush it in, use a similar technique to press the sleeve in too.

Then when they are in

Mutilate them with a hacksaw.

Not as bad as it seems as they need to be flush with the edge of the damper eyelet

Attack them with a angle grinder and hey presto, they look loads better and fit.

While the front was up I checked the steering gaiters and of course found the driver side split (where the power steering pipes chaff, just above the hot water pipe). A hunt round Charlie Browns steering gaiter stock revealed nothing better than one I had left over after replacing one side on my Sierra so after a bit of a squeeze that was pressed into service. It fitted better than the original and chaffed less on the pipes. I must check it in a couple of hunderd miles. I also decided to swap the damper/spring units side to side for the same hot reasons.

Assembley then is a reversal of the dismantling procedure *hah hah* and after a struggle..

I hope it levels out a bit.