Filling the void



How to get your shock mounting brackets into the next millennium.



A couple of years ago I fitted a new Damper Mounting Bracket to the nearside on the 6A because in the passage of time it had rusted and the metal was getting very thin.  We now have the same problem on Glen's 5A, I suppose it has not done too bad as the car is now 28 years old but replacements are getting hard to find.

We have found replacements and as I looked at them I started to consider how I can make them last the life of the car, assuming that it will be longer than another 28 years.  The narrow gap between top and bottom makes it difficult to clean and seal the inside and the metal rusts away on the inner and outer sides.  When you think of it the answer is obvious, seal the "box" ends.  So this is what I have done by welding a plate at either end.

The more observant will see the screw on the top of the plate, this is where I poured in waxoil ( or you can pump in grease ) because although the ends are sealed the top and bottom parts of the plate are not completely sealed as the original welding is not continuous and thin oil will leak from the bolt holes if nowhere else.

I am surprised that I did not think of this earlier as years ago I replaced the diagonal rear "U" outriggers with solid tubes.  Looking around the rest of the chassis there are other places where sealing can improve things, the forward lateral tube ( behind the front springs ) for one but here I think I might hammer in wooden ( barrel ) bungs rather than welding the ends up as it will be easier to do.