Don Kennedy's Scimitar Site

This site was created by Don Kennedy when he owned and restored a Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5a. He does not own a Scimitar now but has kindly allowed the RSSOC to host it for posterity. This site is a valuable asset to all Scimitar GTE enthusiasts and the content is testimony to the skill and dedication of the author.


Owners Handbook.

What to look for when buying a Scimitar.

Pictures of my Scimitar.

As featured in Practical Classic Magazine.

Upgrading Alternator.

Parts from other Cars that are fitted on a Scimitar.

Converting to electric windows.

Rear Axle Breather and Bearing vent hole locations.

Gear Linkage Modification.

How to remove the door quarter light glass.

Repair Dash Top crash pad.

Repair Door Locks.

Instructions for fitting Manual choke to Weber Carburetor.

Fitting Jaguar XJS Seats.

Adjust Clutch.

Replace Gearbox selector oil seals.

Remove and repair Heater unit and blower motors.

Overdrive, clean filters and fault finding.

Pedal Box, interior view.

Rear wiper, Motor and electric information.

Rev Counter Information.

Remove sump. Replace Oil Pump. Replace distributor drive shaft.

Fitting Shock absorbers. DIY spring compressor.

Rear brake shoes and cylinders fitting. Handbrake improvement.

Repairing Dash Rocker switches.

Front Wiper motor and rack remove and repair.

Spark Plug firing order.

Carburetor modification, fitting gauzes for better performance.

Removing gearbox from below with engine staying in car.

Replacing the Front Trunnions.

Haynes Manuals, the real meanings.

Heater Blower Motor assemblies, what the look like when removed.

Lockheed Servo fitting instructions.

Replacing Steering Column bushes.

F.A.Q.s. 124 pages of information ( Word Document ).

Links to other Scimitar Web Sites plus other stuff that may be of interest.