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ScimitarWeb is the website of the Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club (RSSOC). It consists of four main parts, accessible from the menu in the site headerbar. Each of the Forum, Wiki and Shop has its own Help and/or FAQ pages to support users and each has a search facility to supplement the menu navigation system.

  • Home; the main content of the site with pages accessed via sub-menus under Home.
  • Forum; an online  forum for wide-ranging discussions relating to the interests represented by the RSSOC.
  • Wiki; a repository of technical information along the lines of Wikipedia.
  • Shop; an online shop selling club merchandise and other related items.

The Club name in the header bar and the RSSOC Car Logo RSSOC Car Logo_CutOut at the foot of most pages in the Home section are links to the ScimitarWeb Home page; click or touch the logo to return to the Home page.

Members and Guests

Much of ScimitarWeb is available to the general public without any requirement for membership of the RSSOC or logging on to an account. Some content, however, is restricted to current members of the RSSOC and/or logged in ScimitarWeb Forum users. The restricted and unrestricted areas are subject to review and change without notice.

  • In order to take an active part on the ScimitarWeb Forum, an active account must be created and the user logged in to that account. Account creation is available via the Register link towards the top right of the page. All registrations are subject to manual examination and approval to prevent malicious attacks. There is no requirement for membership of the RSSOC to register on and use the ScimitarWeb Forum.
  • Some site content, for example the Wiki and some areas of the ScimitarWeb Home and Forum, do require membership of the RSSOC as well as an active account. Further information is required in the account to allow the holder of the account to be checked against the RSSOC Membership database for validity of their membership.
  • The ScimitarWeb Online Shop has its own account and login system as it deals with more personal and financial information.

Browser Requirements

In common with the majority of websites, ScimitarWeb uses up to date web technology to deliver its content to the end user and adheres as closely as possible to published web standards. 

  • ScimitarWeb uses javascript widely for browser interaction and cascading style sheets (CSS) for the control of the display of its content. These two technologies must not be disabled in your browser for ScimitarWeb to display and operate as intended.
  • Obsolete versions of browsers and operating systems are unlikely to give a satisfactory experience of ScimitarWeb.
  • ScimitarWeb is as mobile-friendly as possible within the limitations of the software, but is constantly being improved in this respect.
  • As it is impossible to test every combination of device, operating system and browser, some combinations may fail. Please report failures to the Webmaster.
  • Some of the ScimitarWeb content is presented as PDF files. Most browsers open such files, but some may require the file to be downloaded and opened in a separate PDF reader application.

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