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We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation to all the members, past present and future, who have contributed in any way to the ongoing organisation and running of the RSSOC, including (but not limited to) Club Management, Slice production and contributions, building, updating and maintenance of ScimitarWeb, Forum, Wiki and Shop, and for organising and attending shows and events.

Don Pither

Much of the history of Reliant and of the cars has been taken from Don Pither's publications. Don had originally written ‘The Scimitar and its Forebears’ in 1990 and this book had become a significant reference for owners and enthusiasts who are interested in the marque. Don followed this book up with ‘Reliant Sports Cars’ in 2000 and with the ‘Reliant Regal and Robin’ in 2001. We are indebted to Don for permitting us to copy so much from his books, and for allowing us to use just about all of the technical information he so fastidiously compiled.

Don Pither (1939 - 2002)

Don Pither

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