Goodwood 6 October 2018

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Goodwood 6 October 2018

Post by nickkeyser » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:41 am

Thanks chaps. It was unusual to not see you at Goodwood Roger! You didn’t miss much.

Craig - the suspension setup is as much down to you as me. :wink:

I had reduced the rear damping to try to stop it being too much of a handful. The viscous LSD doesn’t help, with its on/off nature. Before practice (dry) we were warned of oil at St Mary’s but I didn’t find it too bad - not sure if that’s what I hit.

I must admit the V70a don’t offer the same reassuring movement/slip that the slicks did, or maybe I’m not going fast enough to get them moving yet...

I’m a bit gutted because I think I was on to go below 100sec had it been dry - the addition of the the shift light has shown in practice that I can get into 5th before the first corner and pull it all the way to St Mary’s, and straight back into 5th for lavant corner. Before I was powering through 4th in these two long corners, ending up way out of the power band but not wanting to change gear mid bend - so getting into 5th before and pulling it through the power really helped exit speed.

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