Alexander tuning Sabre 4 Sabra +sticker

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Alexander tuning Sabre 4 Sabra +sticker

Post by jvasabra » Tue Apr 21, 2015 10:30 pm

Hello all,
Always looking for more info about the Sabra/Sabre4, so this question.
There is a ALEXANDER sticker on the rocker cover of some cars. it would be interesting to know if those stickers were put on all cars, those with VIN nrs 200xxx LHD and RHD and 47XX and 48XX series.
The garage shop manual says that modifications were made to the Consul engine ( probably by Alexander).
In the shop manual , chapter B4, engine, par B2:
Stage 1 tuning
They write : modified cylinder head to increase compression
Inlet ports reshaped and polished
increased diameter of inlet valve
dual springs fitted
cadmium plated rocker cover
top hose connection with an elbow is fitted ( so part of the Sabra tuning, that's why they are so obsolete. Consuls have a straight up thermostat housing)

Was this done or designed by Alexander , then a sticker could have been used to show this.

The same book says Stage 2 conversion:

Twin SU carburetters added.
Nothing on the inlet manifold, but that goes with the carb modification of course.The inlet manifold of early cars ,200xxx numbers have a inlet manifold for the 2 SU's with Alexander cast in it.
The 47xx and 48xx series, produced in Israel if equipped with 2 SU's have a homemade inlet manifold, no Alexander mentioned.

Can you let me know if your car is or was equipped with a Alexander sticker on the rocker cover and if it had one Zenith or 2 SU carbs; thank you for mentioning the VIN number.

For those interested; I am having the Alexander stickers reproduced ; sell at cost price; see FOR SALE section for more details.

Regards, Jacques

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Re: Alexander tuning Sabre 4 Sabra +sticker

Post by toomanysabres » Wed Apr 22, 2015 1:47 am

My 200163 has twin SU. The bolt flange of the aluminium manifold had broken more than once due to vibration and had been welded. Chris Lloyd made a pair of steel adaptors instead and I sold the aluminium one to Hugo. The twin SU option was £52 10s 0d extra.

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