Coupe Suspension

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Re: Coupe Suspension

Post by daveb » Wed Aug 31, 2016 6:56 pm

My SE4 straight six uses expensive brake pads, recently instead of racing pads at over £120 I've used Greenstuff pads which are slightly cheaper at around £70 but think they are causing problems with rust forming under the pad on the disc if garaged after getting wet, and my car has the more fragile Daimler Dart suspension. Does anyone know if its possible to fit the complete suspension from a SE6 without chassis changes, for example will the bottom wishbone still locate in the recess as found on the SE4. I mention the SE6 as I've a complete overhauled set from a cart I scrapped couple of years ago.

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Re: Coupe Suspension

Post by roymck » Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:05 pm

My Dart had been converted to TR4 parts and is a common modification as problems that S6 owners have so do Dart owners .

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Re: Coupe Suspension

Post by Coupe Racing » Thu Sep 01, 2016 8:42 pm

Don't the lower wishbones on the straight 6 sit on top of the chassis if Daimlar suspension is fitted .
However the V6 have the wishbones fitted on the side of the chassis

If converting then be careful of the geometry

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Re: Coupe Suspension

Post by guybetts » Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:37 pm

Coupe' Racing wrote:Don't the lower wishbones on the straight 6 sit on top of the chassis if Daimlar suspension is fitted
Not all of them. Mine's a late straight six and has V6 layout suspension, front and rear. And early uprights :shock:

I think it's more common to find SE5 front suspension upgrades, than SE6 on Coupe's, but I do know someone who has recently changed the rear brakes on their V6 to the larger SE6 brakes. I'll check at next noggin to see what the front suspension is now, as it might also be SE6.


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Re: Coupe Suspension

Post by Roger Pennington » Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:27 pm

You don't mention what the spec of the Se6 was? If it had power steering you certainly wouldn't want to use the trunnions, as that would, as Steve mentioned earlier, mess up the geometry.


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Re: Coupe Suspension

Post by Joe. » Thu Sep 01, 2016 11:20 pm

Coupe' Racing wrote:if Daimler parts are fitted - then they will be to Straight 6 cars only , and even some of them have been converted to Triumph
I've had two straight 6 cars that didnt have the Daimler setup, Both cars intrestingly were within a few chassis numbers of each other and the trunnions / vertical links were of a triumph Tr4 type I think both cars could have left the factory like that.

I've also had a 2.5 V6 that had the Daimler type on it...

My personal opinion is that there was a bit of Reliant* going on with cars built based on what the suppliers had available or cars built using old stock they had in the stores. I certainly wouldnt want to be too spcific about calling a definate cutof date.

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