Electric tailgate release

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Electric tailgate release

Post by AJL Electronics » Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:40 pm

This is the SE6a. I felt it was important to improve the security of the tailgate, so the locking was investigated for improvements.

I noticed that the mechanism was fairly simple, a catch and a cam to push it out of engagement. The operation is largely left / right so I offered up a spare central locking solenoid I had bought as part of a kit. I looked like a neat fit, so I drilled the cover panel and mounted it to the offside of the release. A small hole drilled in line with the mechanism in the lock allowed a short length of stiff wire to be looped through the holes at each end. Once that was done, a cable was run into the dash, to a push button fed from the ignition circuit. Then, to stop it being tripped with a piece of coathanger etc, I made a crude cover plate and glued a surplus piece of vinyl to it. That is ripe for an improved version.

To prevent operation via the tailgate lock, I turned over the cam so that it would not make contact.

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