Small Sports Detectives - SST/Sabre Spec Differences

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Re: Small Sports Detectives - SST/Sabre Spec Differences

Post by Mateybass » Wed Feb 03, 2016 1:49 am

scimjim wrote:Yep - I was being a bit vague because at least one is dressed as a Sabre and two (including Steve Feay's) appear just inside Sabre production ...
The SST and Sabre were in production together... they must have been because they appear on the 1991 price list together. SST in 1.4 and 1.8 and Sabre 1.8. The odd Sabre 1.4 CVH isn't really an issue... if a customer asked for a Sabre but with a 1.4 engine ( and remember, this was before the K series) Reliant in their perilous financial position were hardly going to say no, were they?
philhoward wrote:"monobody cars without arches"?

Running by the premise that Reliant changed the name that me, at least, if it's a monobody and had arches, it's a Sabre. No arches, then an SST. Bit too simplistic?
Not too simplistic at all, that's how I would differentiate them. Reliant's oddities like the Sabres with SST rear bumpers is just Reliant doing what they had to in order to fulfill customer orders and realise a revenue stream as quickly as possible. If it was sold as a Sabre, it is a Sabre... if it was sold as an SST, it's an SST.

The only problem here is if any of the "odd" Sabres had the SST editon number on the radiator bulkhead or if any of the later SSTs didn't have it.

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Re: Small Sports Detectives - SST/Sabre Spec Differences

Post by reliant-reviver » Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:39 pm

In my opinion you can view SST as more a model code. It covers all "Towns" bodied cars i.e those produced without integral arches.

From that base point, they were sold (marketed / badged) as SST 1400, SST 1800ti, Sabre, Scimitar 1400, Scimitar 1800ti, Sabre 1400, Sabre 1800ti. But all originated from a Towns style body, and hence might be expected to carry an SSTxx production marker plate.

Soon after the Beans take over, they must have run out of SST bodies, and there after the integral arched "Sabre MK1.5" came into production, the vast majority of those being CVH powered cars.

I would theorise that the majority of Sabre MK1 / Sabre 1800ti were all built up to the same fully kitted spec, and made immediately available for customer orders. Where as the 1400s would have been built to order, and hence the mid point oddities, but also the greater variety of specifications. Without going back into ma files to pick up exact dates, view it something along the lines of -

SST 14/18 production
SST conversion to Sabres creates a batch of 1800ti Sabres to be sold
SST bodied CVHs still in production / fit up (in line with the varied marketing under which they were sold)
Sabre 1400 introduced, with initial orders made from remaining SST bodies. Sabre 1800ti orders still coming from aforementioned batch
SST bodies exhausted. Sabre 1400's now "fresh builds" on Beans bodies.
Original Sabre 1800ti stock exhausted and / or any special orders then built up using Beans bodies, and hence the very few Sabre MK1.5 1800ti's that exist.

Dress with bumper variations to taste.

The issues comes when you try to confine the commonly accepted models (based on their visual appearance) within a defined start and finish point in production in refernce to consecutive chassis numbers. What is commonly termed the "SST" (either engine, no arches) does not run solely from 2000 to 2044.

With regard to volumes of each variant. It would require the register to bear full information on all cars, from which the entire production could near enough be split up and counted.

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