Save an Se6(b) or too late?

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Save an Se6(b) or too late?

Post by Barryr » Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:39 pm

Hi all,

I'm newly signed up to the forum - always been interested in the GTE but I have other cars and bikes to look after...

Last week a friend asked me if I was (or knew anyone) interested in a GTE he was storing that was likely to be for sale. A few days later but before I got to see it it was vandalised twice before the blighters were actually caught on their 3rd visit by the rozzers. What was a whole, tatty but non-running car has now been quite sadly damaged probably beyond repair but I thought I'd ask the question here. I've yet to see it myself but my friend has described the damage and is going to send me some pics.

The car I think is an Se6B going on the guide - its a 1980 automatic (I'm guessing 2.8?). All the glass has been smashed on the car including door mirrors and the tail lights have been ripped out and smashed. One rear quarter has been repeatedly kicked in to the point of cracking and I think one headlight cluster was also ripped out. The car has an aftermarket 80's glass sunroof now also smashed.

Would there be replacement glass still available with club members or new? - is the glass the same on all years?
I've seen aftermarket or 2nd hand light clusters on Ebay but all that is just to get the car back to where it was and it would still need bodywork and lots of time spent on it.

Is it likely to end up a breaker just based on my description here?

Cheers for any advice


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Save an Se6(b) or too late?

Post by DARK STAR » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:01 pm

Scimitars are usually repairable but apart from the vandalism, why is it a non-runner?

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Save an Se6(b) or too late?

Post by philhoward » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:50 pm

You might struggle to get a direct replacement sunroof glass but not beyond the realms of possibility to get another one to replace it lock and stock - or glass over the hole?

Rear quarter glass - same from SE5 to Middlebridge. Rear hatch - enough SE6 ones floating around but you'll probably have to rebuild the frame anyway. Windscreens, again easily available (heated new, or S/H).

Biggest and most expensive will be the fibreglass aspect.

1980 will be changeover - quick guess is if it has a aluminium strip with "S C I M I T A R" on the nose it's probably a 6a, or just the "fake grill" on the front, then probably a 6b. A picture of the engine will certainly confirm!

Was it outside or under cover? Water ingress will cause issues, especially if the glass has now been smashed.

As Dark Star says - do you know the reason it was taken off the road in the first place?

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