Revise search defaults?

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Revise search defaults?

Post by drcdb15 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:25 pm

Petards and hoists come to mind :? [ I argued previously for nothing ever to be removed from the Forum]

As the Forum gets ever larger, I would like to canvas for a change to the default search settings. At present the results are presented as individual posts, and typically these span many pages and repeat the same Topic for as many times as there are posts in it (pretty much). For example, I have searched this Forum for 'search' and it returns 7 pages with around 130 posts (iirc). A quick scan of these reveals some Topics have only 1 or 2 posts while others can have dozens. The only way to see what's what is to scroll through each page, which on some searches takes for ever and I just give up - I suspect others do the same.

However, if I go to Advanced Search, and switch the results from Posts to Topics, I get just one 'hit' for each Topic. The same search for 'search' now gives me a sinle page with just 43 Topics, and it is much faster to scan through to pick out those most likely to be relevant.

The problem here is that I have to do this for every search - type in my keywords, choose the individual Forum I want to search in, then select Topics for the results display. This too can become very tedious, and often a mistake is made in repeatedly typing in the keywords, or clicking on the Forum next to the one I really wanted.

I presume the default settings can be changed by the webmaster, so... Please can we change them? Do others share my frustration, or am I simply making a fuss about nothing?


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