GEAR & HANDBRAKE GAITER from ebay experience?

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GEAR & HANDBRAKE GAITER from ebay experience?

Post by reliant182 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 12:02 am

Hi all i have had a search on the forum to see if anyone has written anyting about these but i couldn't find anything (i'm not the best at searching so sorry if i am covering old ground)

has anyone purchased these from this seller? i'm just wondering how the quality is eccetra

link hear ... hM6zMs_9OQ

I hope i am posting in the right section
many thanx


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Re: GEAR & HANDBRAKE GAITER from ebay experience?

Post by Old and Slow » Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:25 pm

Real leather!!! Made in Italy. Too posh for me.
I bought a metre of vinyl stuff from Woollies Trim, and hand-stitched a new gear lever gaiter, using the old one as a pattern, but then I am a cheapskate.. Took about eight weeks for the material to wear through where the gearstick hits the surround, just the same as the one I replaced!
IMHO it would be better to buy quality leather, and I think they look good in their advert.

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Re: GEAR & HANDBRAKE GAITER from ebay experience?

Post by scmarf » Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:30 pm

Not too difficult to make up ... 165#p74963 but I would be interested to see how the e-bay ones turn out.

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Re: GEAR & HANDBRAKE GAITER from ebay experience?

Post by Roger Pennington » Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:43 pm

Didn't somebody make a very nice real leather one by cutting-up an old leather jacket (which you can pick up pretty cheaply second-hand, if you don't have one tucked away)?

Ah yes, it was MikeT in his project thread here :)


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Re: GEAR & HANDBRAKE GAITER from ebay experience?

Post by ScimmyMike » Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:51 pm

I bought some MG ones from the NEC show a few years ago, look very similar, seem okay on my 6b

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