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UK Axles

Post by piers.morrell » Wed Feb 17, 2016 7:39 pm

As it 'says on the tin' these guys are based in High Wycombe and offer a wide range of axle services.

I had all drive line seals replaced just over a year ago by a different company, rear pinion seal had always been sound but prop shaft was off the car so had it replaced as there was no indication in the history file it had been replaced at any point and Murphy's Law would no doubt bite once the car was back on the road.... Car went back to the garage 2 weeks later and they said 'your axle sounds noisy' and found no oil in it. Seal replaced etc, 2 months later the car went back to sort out the leaking seal... About 3 months after that I noticed I was leaking axle oil again but I wasn't going back to the same place. Bad batch of seals / worn yokes / vibration / dirt under the seal were considered but as the car was in daily use I must admit that I topped it up and drove until it got to a certain volume then topped it up etc. Fiddly process but down to a fine art now.

So enough was enough, rang UK Axles, went on test drive with one of them so they could hear what I was hearing. Dropped the car off and picked it up 2 days later. The second guy commented 'it had been along time since I've driven one of these - really enjoyed it'! Apparently the flange just slid off in their hand and was rusted and pitted. They had another in stock so they fitted that, refilled the oil and I am back to a 'quiet' axle (certainly a lot quieter) and no more oil going over the back of the car or onto the garage floor.

Very knowledgeable, friendly and happy to work with cars driven to them or axles couriered to them.


1979 6a Auto

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Re: UK Axles

Post by Diyhell » Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:17 pm

Got a quote from them around £700 (not including wheel bearings / halfshafts & based on crownwheel & pinion being OK.) Will need to save the funds but at least they were kind enough to give me an idea of cost, unlike another major specialist in central Scotland. They told me that, 'with these old cars' it's impossible to quote until it's been stripped. When it's then only an option to a) get a box of bits or b) use them. Hmmm.

SE6a needing lots of work...

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