hello all

For New Members to introduce themselves and their cars.

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hello all

Post by philynnbob » Thu Jun 11, 2009 7:18 pm

Hello my name is Phil i live near Aberystwyth. Firstly thank you to Erik for sorting out my registration.I decided to renew my love of Scimitars 5a after 25 years of owning my first one! Brought ANP 505M off ebay 28/2 and also TCH 403L on 10/5 as a source of spares. Body now off TCH restoring chassis ie outriggers and seat belt mountings( bad). Plan to remove body off ANP to this chassis then restore that chassis. Noticed on ebay link on this forum disscussion around TCH advetised with 5 speed box. can confirm it has 5 speed sierra XR4i gearbox and reciept from Will Sparrow for gearbox bellhousing engineering also splined prop shaft-dont think i will be using this set up though-like to stay original. Anyway scimitar parts all round house sheds workshop-great!! cheers phil

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Post by philhoward » Thu Jun 11, 2009 7:31 pm

Welcome, Phil - and Admin apologies for the problems with the activation email.

A bit late (sorry!), but have added some instructions for anyone else who may have a problem with a lost activation email.

The 5 speed box seems to be a bit of a "marmite" conversion - some love the better change (compared to the overdrive box), but others mourn the loss of the overdrive and the near instantaneous full throttle gear changes between 3rd and 3rd overdrive (effectively 4th gear) - handy on motorway overtaking manouvers!

Enjoy the forum...

Phil Howard
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Post by Roger Pennington » Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:14 pm

Hi Phil and Welcome! I would agree with Phil (H) about he relative merits of the Man-o/d vs the type-9 5 speed. I have a Man-o/d in the 6a and a type-9 in the SS1, and while it's true that if you feel gearchange quality is only measured in terms of lack of slack and shortness of shift distances there can only be one winner (the type-9), on the other hand the box has a habit of being heavy and obstructive, especially when cold. The man-o/d shift is light and the box seems to be hard wearing but the distances across the gate are enormous and until you're used to it , it's vague. Overdrive is very useful, not only on motorways but ordinary roads as well, and the gear linkage doesn't matter when you're just flicking a switch.
Of course these comments are only based on my examples, which may not be typical, but that could be said of both.




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hello all

Post by Billy » Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:10 pm

Hello Phil,
I was interested to see your post from 2009 as I'm in the process of buying TCH403L, - I haven't collected it yet but I'd be fascinated to know what work you did on the car when you were restoring it, just so I know what's been done and to what extent. Not sure if you re-sprayed the car but I'm thinking you must have put an overdrive box in there as you said. Looking forward to owning it as it looks a cracker!
All best,
Billy M

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