SE5a project. Great chassis and body. Dead easy restoration

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SE5a project. Great chassis and body. Dead easy restoration

Post by Colinsw1 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:00 pm

Ideally this car needs restoring. All the panels are dead straight with only the front o/s wing and bonnet needing painting - they're all prepped and ready for primer. It's black tulip. Matching paint to finish job is with the car. The car will be partially stripped but would prefer to leave as rolling chassis and sell it as such, which means the axle/diff will be left on the car as well as all the suspension, brakes, electrics, steering (it's not pas) the fabric head cloth is unmarked. I can leave all the glass in place. If you're restoring a rusted or rough car then this would be a great basis for a transfer over as the chassis/outriggers/sills are superb and have never been welded and need none. Doors shut perfectly. If you have a car which is mechanically good with a decent interior this could make a really nice car with minimal work. It's an auto and I could leave the box in place with the prop.
What won't be with the car are: engine, radiator, bumpers, exhaust, servo, dash, lights, fuel tank, grill, rear lights, indicators, seats and door cards, carpets, various trim parts. I'd like £350.00 for the rolling shell as described. Can deliver at £1.20/mile one direction. I could easily break the car and get more but would prefer to see it back on the road. Tel Colin on 07799693555
V5 to apply for but will provide full receipt. Car still on DVLA data base.


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