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5/5a parts left over

Post by philhoward » Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:11 pm

Now I'm GTE-less, there's a few bits I'm not going to get to use, so up for sale here first.

Front crossmember/bumper support. 2 available:

First one is a "Mark Wilson" (gtcse8) re-manufactured galvanised one but with M12 nuts where the originals have 1/2" UNF studs to accept the bumper irons - if you fit them (I ran the bumperless look). I agreed not to sell it on at a profit, so £50 posted (over £100 at QRG) to Mainland UK - contact me for faraway UK locations/Overseas. Ready packaged as I never even got round to unwrapping it :oops: Sure I can find a couple of M12 bolts suitable if you don't have any.

Second one is (I think) a Reliant supplied spare (it used to have an "R" sticker one it but that's long since gone) - thicker steel, but painted rather than galvanised and has M12 bolts/studs poking out the front. Same price (£50 posted UK) as it's heavier..will throw in a couple of M12 nuts for it as well.

RVC converted SE5/a tacho (SE6 voltage driven guts inserted into a 5a current driven case). Bezel not perfect, but might be just the trick if you're changing your ignition type or source and having headaches with a misbehaving rev counter or how to feed it and bypass the eureka wire. £35 posted. It is the actual unit detailed in the Wiki (members only access, I'm afraid): http://www.scimitarweb.co.uk/scimiwiki/ ... to_RVC.pdf and also in Slice a while back.

Hybrid Jaguar XJ6/Se5a speedo (with warning lights fitted and working) - needs 2000 pulses per mile to work. Have had it operational, so does work. Only really any use if you're using something with an electronic speedo output in the gearbox - such as LT77/R380/some auto-boxes of the 80's. £25 posted.

SE5a warning lights (Fan/Fluid/Pads/Fuel) - £12 posted for the set of 4 or £5 each posted.

I'm sure I'll find other bits as well as I go along and into the furthest reaches of the boxes I'm still unpacking!

Let me know if you want some pictures..

Phil Howard
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