What stops gauges, fan and indicators from working?

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What stops gauges, fan and indicators from working?

Post by owi » Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:20 pm

Dear all,

I have managed to get SEN41K now street legal in Germany and new license plate reads HP-PY46. I took the SE5 for a trip this weekend and on after parking the car for about 45 minutes I started it again. I realized soon that I lost the gauges: Voltmeter, rev counter and the thermoter. Along with it the indicators and the overdrive switch were lost too. And the fuel gauge was not there either, but that was right from the start the case. Back on the Autobahn the single gauges where dancing like on speed and were back for some minutes, before dead again.

What I had not realized is that the fan apparently had also quit its job and when stopping the car again the coolant was splahing out of the pressure hose of the expansion tank. I may have lost a litre of coolant and waited for about an hour before starting againg in an attempt to reach my home safely. I did manage but back at home when stopping the car much more of the coolant was shared with the environment giving half of the engine bay a nice coverage. After cleaning this mess I am wondering what happened:

A) The coolant got way too hot. Maybe because the coolant circuit was closed.
B) The coolant got way too hot because fan did not cut in?
C) None of the hoses broke off; it all came out of the expansion tank

I have cleaned the entire fuse boxe today and polished the fuse caps to allow for best contact.
I have contolled all earthings that I was able to identify. The were all tight and I have given them a bit of WD40 to increase connectivity and to drain from water
I have cleaned the connections to the temperature sensor at the bottom of the radiator (drivers side)
I have cleaned the connections to the voltage stabilizer within the engine bay right above the fuse box

The result was that nothing changed — until I backed into the Garage and everything works fine again. Now my question: What has triggered all of that? What do I need to do to prevent that from happening again? Is that Otter Switch a reason, which I have neglected? Or is it a sim of different root causes which have happened in parallel?

Many thanks for your ideas and information in advance!

Cheers, Oliver

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What stops gauges, fan and indicators from working?

Post by rebel alliance » Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:46 pm

The 50 Amp ignition fuse appears to power all of your failed electrics , so check that one.

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What stops gauges, fan and indicators from working?

Post by owi » Mon Oct 15, 2018 5:23 pm

That was my first idea too, but all fuses are good and the fuse box too. And fuses don‘t recover from being blown. That leaves a shortage or an on/off kind of connection somewhere. Does the ignition lock next to the steering wheel have the chance to connect / disconnect all green & unsecured wires in one go?

Asks & greets Oliver

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What stops gauges, fan and indicators from working?

Post by peter freeman » Mon Oct 15, 2018 5:51 pm

Don't assume the fuse if it looks ok is ok - the wire can become detached from the end cap and therefore it still looks all right although inside it has become open circuit - had that happen a couple of times over the years.

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