Sock-it and see...

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Sock-it and see...

Post by td99 » Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:46 pm

A true joke, on me!
So our kitchen corner, with just 2 power sockets, has been acquiring new swmbo machines over the years...
I helped out by inserting a 3-way extender in one, and then a 2-way extender in the other - but she was still one short and it looked a mess (even with our compact continental ones)...
Unplugging something from the front extender mostly extracted the whole thing, not just that plug...

After discussion (well,orders!) I decided to replace the 2 sunken sockets with a strip of 6 on top of original location...
Bit fiddly, but managed it and it looked quite OK.
Plugged the plethora of machines in and then...

"OMG, what a mess! I don't want all that crap in my kitchen"
Swmbo then proceeded to remove most of the machines, leaving but two, saying "This is a kitchen, not a garage!"

No way am I going to replace those two original sockets - those other machines will be back!

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