Illuminating lumenition

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Illuminating lumenition

Post by Cartrain » Tue May 05, 2020 4:43 pm

Hi folks,

Been away from the scene for a while.
Bit of background if I may.

Have been slowly bringing my Se5a back to full fitness after being off the road for nearly 3 years following chassis work and other stuff -nothing remarkable.
Nearly didn’t proceed with the work but found that sentiment was a strong factor in the decision process and I’m so glad that I went ahead with it.

Anyway, just wanted to report that I suffered a car breakdown at the weekend.
Have been just driving around the doors in the locality within a radius of home.

This was all before the lockdown and I was pleased with how the drivetrain was responding.
Then, as a so-called key worker I had a couple of night shifts looming requiring a car drive.

But I had made it an unwritten rule not to drive into the City centre; and not to drive it at night; and certainly not to drive it when it was raining.
So what did I do ?
Anyway, off I went after filling with petrol and then when approaching the City limit felt a ‘jolt’ of the type that makes you hold your breath.
Managed to snake around the awkward road system in town and get parked in the staff car park.

In the morning, started fine then about half way home turned off the coast road and driving through a dodgy housing estate at 30mph, the car completely died.
Lifting the bonnet and shining my torch around nothing obvious showed.

The engine turned but wouldn’t fire.

RAC said about 90 minutes which was a concern given my location. But to my relief after about 20 minutes the car burst into life.

Just as I was about to move off the RAC man appeared early and agreed to shadow me home.The car did falter but didn’t actually cut out.
The next night I pushed my luck too far...
Driving to a closer work location, about 4 miles away, I conked out. Strangely, after 20 minutes the car fired into life again and I managed to get to the staff car park before it expired once more.
I thought it might be a fuel problem that I’ve been reading so much about.

In the morning on the way back, I came to grief 3 times before finally collapsing outside a pub 5 minutes from home.
RAC about an hour to arrive and diagnosed a power module failure on the Lumenition system - a first.
The coil also looked very greasy as both are mounted on the rear bulkhead.

The plan was to tow me home, then I couldn’t help but think of Graeme Conways experiences of being unloaded in front of the neighbours!
So I pleaded with the RAC to stop at the end of the road so I could be pushed the rest of the way, but he wasn’t having any, saying it might put his back out !
At 0800 on a Sunday morning, you would think a carnival was to take place, as the whole street seemed to turn out.People who don’t have a dog suddenly had a dog.
Think I even saw someone with binoculars on a roof !

So I will be kept busy during the lockdown. But where best to get the bits ? Burton power have been good.

Cheers Mick

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Illuminating lumenition

Post by philhoward » Tue May 05, 2020 4:56 pm

If you're going to replace like with like (Lumenition) then I'd say that's a good shout; 3 suppliers that would spring to mind would be Burton, Demon Tweeks and Merlin Motorsport. Deciding factor would probably who has the parts in stock?

Don't forget you can get the Lumenition amplifier and the pickup separately but the question is which actually failed. It does sound like standard electrical component failure - fails when hot, returns to life when cooled a bit but with a reduced time-to-failure until you can't get to the end of the road from cold.

Logic says replace all 3 parts as if one has failed, the others are probably not far behind and would then be the weakest.

Phil Howard
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Illuminating lumenition

Post by Cartrain » Tue May 05, 2020 5:15 pm

Was checking my records and the unit has done 28 years - so I will go like for like. The coil was cool so I knew that was ok but I will change that as well it’s a Bosch.

Cheers for that Phil.

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