To scrap or Repair?

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To scrap or Repair?

Post by stilltrying » Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:01 pm

I recently bought a Scimitar GTE SE6A for it's chassis to do a rebody with, however, the more I look at it the more I like the car and so I started to look at it's condition in more detail. The bodywork is not great and the brown colour would have to go, I'm not too bad on Glassfibre body repairs so the cracks in the bodywork and the bonnet separation is fine. Before I got the car the chassis had been restored in as much as any welding that was required got done and it also came with a stainless steel fuel tank, however, it did not come with an engine or box and I know that it was not a standard engine or box that was in it as someone had fitted a cable operated clutch mechanism and I think the engine mounts might not be original. I wasn't concerned by this as I was going to fit a Rover V8 and manual box that I have in the shed anyway.

I then started to look on the internet for any areas that could be of concern and the door steelwork along with the cills came up. I just tried searching on here but obviously not putting in the right words but I did see a couple of photo's that show the steel where the door hinges fix to and that there is steel in the cills.

Well the door hinge steelwork looks to be fairly good but the drivers side had a couple of pieces of steel below the door steel that just pulled up and out of the glassfibre. I also removed the door seal and that is where I can see that the lip that the seal fits onto has separated and on the drivers side I can pull them apart and see a largish piece of steel that is just loose in the cill.

So my question is, can someone point me to a thread that shows how to replace or repair the cill steelwork so I can see how easy it is to do OR alternatively is it possible to remove the steelwork and then fill the cills with PU foam and at the same time re-glass the door seal lip back together. Any advice good or bad will be looked into. Thanks for reading.

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