Lidl oil pump

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Lidl oil pump

Post by reliant1 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:02 pm

Brought Lidl oil pump and it says for diesel heating and engine oil but not transmission oil is that because it is too thick also is it a good idea to suck out engine oil and leave sludge in the sump

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Lidl oil pump

Post by gtcse8 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:39 pm

Lazy boy. :roll:

Warm engine up, Jack the car up and undo the sump plug, allow all crap to drain, put sump plug back in but only finger tight, start car and wait 10 seconds till oil gauge drops to zero, remove sump plug and wait till all the rest of crap drains, replace sump plug, remove old filter and replace with new one, refill engine with new oil, start engine and wait till oil gauge shows full pressure, turn engine off and check dipstick, top up to correct level. :idea:

Main Stealers charge for oil changes based upon putting car on lift, lifting above head height, getting underneath and removing sump plug, waiting while oil drains and then removing/replacing oil filter, replace sump plug, lower car, replace oil, start car and wait till oil finds correct level, top up if necessary, time taken 30 > 45 min.
Charge for same. :!:
Stick tube down dip stick, turn machine on, bugger off and get another job done/have cuppa/fag/play on mobile/whatever.
Charge for all in paragraphs above. :w

Just takin the p155 LOL

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