Help for Users of ScimitarWeb


ScimitarWeb is the website of the Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club (RSSOC). It consists of four main parts; a Discussion Forum, an Online Shop, a wiki of technical information and this part which is the main site content. The Forum has it's own FAQ section to aid users in it's use. This document is the help for users of the main site content.

Members and Guests

A lot of the site content is available to the general public but some parts are only available to logged in members of the RSSOC. If you are a member of the RSSOC and have a active account on our Forum then the Forum login will enable you to access all members only areas. If you are a member but not having a Forum account you can use the login details that are published in the Slice magazine.


In order to use the ScimitarWeb site to the best advantage there are a number of requirements that your web browsing set-up must meet. If it does not, there may be parts of the site that are inaccessible to you or that are displayed in a less than optimum manner.

The website is written to comply as well as possible with the standards published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international community that develops standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web. As such, it requires a standards compliant browser to be displayed correctly. Some browsers, particularly older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, have poor compliance with the standards.

If you come across problems with the display of the site please contact the Webmaster giving details of your computer and internet browser.

  • Browser Type

    All current versions of the major browsers should work fine. Older versions may not support some of later technologies but the site should still be usable. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) is widely known to have problems and is not recommended, although the site is designed to minimise problems caused by this very out of date browser.

  • Browser Window/Screen Size

    The site is optimised for display at resolutions of 1024x768 to 1280x1024. The site content is, however, dynamically sized to suit different screen and browser sizes so it should display satisfactorily at most resolutions. Anything less than 800x600 is likely to give a poor browsing experience and the site currently makes no provision for handheld devices or other equipment with a very small screen size.

  • CSS

    The browser should have Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) support and this should not be disabled for the site to be displayed as intended.

  • Javascript

    The browser should have Javascript support and this should not be disabled for the site to be displayed as intended.

  • PDF Files

    Some documents on the site are in PDF format and require a reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader in order the view them.

    Get it here:  Get Adobe Reader


The site is navigated by means of the menu below the header bar of the site. Tabs are provided in the header to swicth between the main site, the Forum, the ScimiWiki, and the Shop. The main site menu and a breadcrumb trail appear in a bar just below the header. In addition a Sitemap is available that shows all of the menu contents in one page. Some pages may contain further menus or links that do not appear in the menu system.

  • Breadcrumb Menu

    The first line of the menu bar contains a breadcrumb menu that indicates the section of the site that you are currently browsing. The links in this menu enable you to easily step back through the section structure. At the right-hand end of this line is a link that enables the font size to be varied.

  • Site Menu

    The second line of the menu bar contains a list of items in the current section. These may be pages, indicated with a dot, or sub-sections, indicated with a downward arrow. At the right-hand end of this line are links enabling logging in and out and registration as a user.

  • Sitemap

    The sitemap is accessible from the Help section and via the small icon to the left of the tabs in the header. The sitemap includes sections, indicated by a folder icon, and pages, indicated by a page icon. It includes all links that appear in the menu sytem but does not include links that appear within pages.