Advice on Insurance and Agreed Values

Kevin Cooper is the Club's contact for insurance matters. He may be contacted by email at

Applies only to Club Members

Owners may wish to contact the Brokers who advertise with us from the list at the foot of the page

Please remember when contacting an insurance broker that he will require information that only you can give him. The Club cannot quote an estimated insurance premium as individual circumstances will differ. For example, your age, your driving history, records of accidents and your postcode are all fed into the broker's computer so that he can give you the best of several quotations. It is also a good idea to hunt around several brokers - both associated with the Club and completely independent of us - for the best quotation.

Agreed Values

It is a good idea to get an Agreed Value. The cost is £10.00, and is payable to the RSSOC. This service is available to bona fide Club Members only and hardly reflects the amount of work that goes into researching a satisfactory value for your car.

Bear in mind that an Agreed Value can make a significant difference to the amount that you car will be worth in the case of a total loss, so it is well worth getting it valued by the Club, or by a competent motor engineer (which will be much more costly, but also more thorough).

We need:

Your Club Membership details

Six photographs of the car - front - back - both FULL sides - we use one of these photographs as a visual record in our database. - under the bonnet - the interior from the passenger door.

Details of enhancements such as:
- new or refurbished engine, gearbox, axle etc. - respray - new interior - new headlining - body-off rebuild - Remember that if you have made serious enhancements to the car you should let us know!

"Wear and tear" replacements do not count as enhancements.

Make sure you state the full condition of the car, its registration number and date, when you bought it and for how much and anything else that you think will help us to make a judgement. Is it a past RSSOC Concours prize winner, for example?

Click here for our Valuation form in Acrobat PDF format

The RSSOC will give you a postal valuation on non-member cars for a fee of £35.00


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